Good Standing Certificate


  • The applicant should come in person to the office.
  • All particulars of the application must be filled by the applicant.
  • The name and particulars entered must exactly correspond with the name and particulars of the applicant entered at the University.
  • Directly scan the original certificates in color and upload them in the online application.
  • New Registration

    Documents to be submitted along with the No Objection Certificate Application Form

  • All Original Certificates & Address proof take (A4 Size) Colour Xerox copy only. It’s Mandatory.
  • Take a (A4 size) colour printout of the application form in a single side (Don’t take front and back).
  • A4 size colour copy of Registration Certificate (issued by Tamil Nadu Dental Council).
  • Aadhar Card is a must. (If Aadhar is not available, optionally you can submit Voter id or Valid Indian Passport are only accepted). Any one of the proof with Front & Backside taken in a single page – Colour (A4 size) Xerox must be submitted.
  • If a Candidate cannot come in person – he / she will submit his / her Form duly signed and give a separate authorization letter and mention his / her Name & Photo ID proof (A4 size) Colour Xerox to someone.
  • Note:Kindly read the above instructions clearly before Registration.Payment made will not be refunded.

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