Dentist Act

Dentist Act


Some of the relevant terms defined in the Act reproduced below for information:

Dentistry includes

  • The performance of any operation on; the treatment of any disease, deficiency or lesion of human teeth or jaws and the performance of radiographic procedures in connection with human teeth or jaws or the oral cavity;

  • The giving of any anesthetic in connection with any such operation or treatment;

  • The mechanical construction or the renewal of artificial dentures or restorative dental appliances;

  • The performance of any operation, or the giving of any treatment, advice or attendance to any person preparatory to, or for the purpose of, or in connection with, the fitting, inserting, fixing, constructing, repairing or renewing of artificial dentures or restorative dental appliances, and the performance of any such operation and the giving of any such treatment, advice or attendance, as is usually performed or given by dentists.

Code Of Ethics

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