Message from the president

We have now introduced ‘ONLINE REGISTRATION’ facility for ease of registration and booking of appointments at the council.

Please note that it is important to RENEW your registration in time to have a valid registration to practice.
As practicing dental surgeons, all of us are contemplating on how to resume our work post the COVID-1 9 lockdown, which has impacted us in a big way. No one knows how long it would take to get back to normalcy.

As uncertainty looms large in every industry and every profession, let me reassure you that situations like this have come earlier. Solutions have also come. It’s important that we maintain a positive outlook, keep our morale high, and conduct ourselves with confidence in these trying times.

I understand that most of us have financial commitments to be fulfilled and situations like these make things difficult for us, especially for the young practitioners. Nevertheless, we should strive and workout ways to win over this calamity. As the behaviour of the Corona virus is still not very clear, we should proactively and professionally update ourselves with the best practices on how to protect ourselves and progress further in our profession. There’s no doubt that the present protocols are pretty expensive and quite difficult to practice in the long run. With the various procedures that we have to follow, dentistry might end up becoming very expensive and laborious. However, we have to adopt ourselves to the changing situation till a potential solution, such as testing for COVID-1 9 as part of pre-treatment protocol or a vaccine becomes available.

Let’s hope that all of us will come out of this temporary setback successfully and resume our duties soon.

DR M Ramasamy

DR M Ramasamy

President, Tamil Nadu Dental Council


Tamil Nadu Dental Council Members

Tamil Nadu Dental Council Members

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